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Cuphia Hi-Fi Sport Headband Speaker - Pink Snow

SKU: 7357
Cuphia Hi-Fi Sport Headband Speaker - Pink Snow
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Product Description

Cuphia Hi-Fi Sport Headband Speaker - Pink Snow

The perfect product for running, training, cycling and any other sport activity. No more uncomfortable earphones falling out of your ears nor cumbersome audio headphones. Cuphia Sport combines the comfort of a sport headband with the sound quality of in-ear headphones. It Is made of best quality material available in the market. The MicroSpandex used for the headband is a new concept material which combines lightness, transpirability and the capacity of retaining and releasing your sweat. It does not retain bad smells and it ensures high comfort, while keeping the speakers in their position. Thanks to their 40 mm HiFi driver, Cuphia speakers provide rich sound with powerful low bass. They are resistant to the most rugged conditions (including rain and sweat), all thanks to their thin protective silicon shell and to the light front alloy grid.

Another important feature is that it allows you to remain fully aware of your surroundings. You will be aware of a car coming up behind your shoulders or of the pant of your contender catching up with you, without losing a powerful and high performance sound. Just move your headbad up and that’s it!



Neodymiun driver, waterproof at water and sweat
Frequency Range: 20 - 20.000 Hz

Active Noise Attenuation: 50 - 1500 Hz > 10 dB at 300 Hz

Sensitivity: 102 dB

Maximum Power Imput: 50 Mw

Cable length: 120 cm

Cable thickness 2 mm / 1.4 mm

Jack: 3.5 mm

Compatibility: all Apple device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and all Mp3 Player

Made in italy!

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