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גלגל קדמי - SHIMANO WH-M785 Deore XT, 26

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גלגל קדמי - SHIMANO WH-M785 Deore XT
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גלגל קדמי - SHIMANO WH-M785 Deore XT

XT cross country disc wheel system brings high performance technology to a affordable price point
These XC wheels are lightweight, strong and durable with a 19C (23.4mm width) UST Tubeless and tubed tyre compatible rim for use with 1.5 - 2.25 inch tyres
24 butted 2.0-1.5-2.0 mm stainless steel spokes
The hub uses angular contact bearings designed to cradle the balls giving both radial and lateral support for superior strength and durability in real world riding conditions. They also offer precision bearing adjustment and easy maintenance
Easy to use Centre-Lock Disc rotor mount for secure hassle free setup
Performance and durability is ensured by using a 15 mm thru-axle design
Double contact seals with internal grease sleeve to keep the elements out and the grease in
100 mm O.L.D.

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