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29er PACK

SKU: 12662
29er PACK

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29er PACK29er PACK 29er PACK 29er PACK29er PACK 29er PACK
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Stans Notubes Clean Motion
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Product Description


Rock "N" Roll - Bicycle Chain Lube Extreme Mountain Lube

The MTBR choice award for 2001-2002-2003 went to the Rock N Roll Extreme. The Extreme is a very clean chain lube that works and lasts and never lets you down. When the going gets tough this is the stuff. An amazing product that was formulated for years. The Extreme will keep your chain as clean and as quiet as new. Applying the Extreme will simply clean your chain and lube it at the same time. A mountain biking MUST!


Application Instructions
  1. Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette.
  2. Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!
  3. Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds-no less.
  4. Wipe off all the excess lube (all of it, wipe the chain as clean as it will get). That's it go ride.......
מידע נוסף
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  •  This product contains the following items:
    Stan's NoTubes Sealant» 2 x Stan's NoTubes Sealant
    מק"ט: 1512 2oz - 60cc

    Stan's NoTubes Sealant - 60 cc 2 oz bottle THE BEST TUBELESS SEALANT IN THE WORLD! Will seal 1 tire/tube. Features Based on crystals that seal any air leaks. Double the qua....
    In stock
    RhinoDillos Tire Liner For 29" Tires - Pair» 1 x RhinoDillos Tire Liner For 29" Tires - Pair
    מק"ט: 4068 קרם

    RhinoDillos Bicycle Tire Liners - Pair Put these urethane strips between your tube and tire and laugh at glass, thorns and other road hazards. Maximum puncture resistance. Many sizes available....
    Out of stock  $42.16   
    Cost of separate parts: $53.94
    You save::  $10.85
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