ClickCease Brompton Folding Bike M6L bike 6 speed לכה להבות 2018
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Brompton Folding Bike M6L bike 6 speed, לכה להבות 2018

SKU: 12415
Brompton Folding Bike M6L bike 6 speed
Brompton Folding Bike M6L bike 6 speedBrompton Folding Bike M6L bike 6 speed
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Product Description

Brompton Folding Bike M6L

The Brompton Way...

The Brompton was concieved as a product that icreases people's independance and freedom, and this concept is still at the heart of everything we do; so we make bikes that our cyustomers can rely on wherever and whenever they use them. We believe that this approach should inform the way we act, ntot just what we make, and that it should extend, through our distributors and dealers, to the end user. Everyone involved should feel comfertable with the purchase they make and satisfied that they had freeedom of choice.

it's not just a bike it's a lifestyle !!

New Brompton Models !!

  • BWR Gear System - Brompton wide range is unique to brompton with Sturmey archer. Gear Shift was never this easy!!
  • New Brompton Sporty Saddle - extra comfort
  • Improved Tyres - for quick corners and turns
  • New Left Paddle - Steel frame - extra durable
  • Locking Clip - your bike wont Fold unless You let them fold!!

Brompton - Tears up the Transport rule book

M-type. These models have the classic, mid-position Brompton bars, perfect for general use around town or country. M6L With its three well-chosen gears, this is a popular bike for those who want portable
daily transport without extra features. Colour black and silver.

M-type. The classic shape of the M-type handlebar has been used on the Brompton since the outset. It gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control. Grip height is 1015mm, and there is scope for a little fore/aft adjustment.

The M-type is a general purpose Brompton, as much at home around town as for exploring in the country, and with plenty of room for luggage at the front.

  • Mud guards.
  • Upgraded brakes.
  • Weight. Kgs: 11.65
  • Gears: 6
  • Seatpost:  Standard steel
  • Pedals: Brompton folding LH pedal
  • Mudguards: Yes
  • Lighting: Reflectors only
  • Pump:  yes


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