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Bellelli - Children Bicycle Bip Pedaless, כחול - שחור

SKU: 11998
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Bellelli - Children Bicycle Bip Pedaless
Bellelli - Children Bicycle Bip PedalessBellelli - Children Bicycle Bip Pedaless
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Product Description

Bellelli B-BIP is a safe, sturdy and lightweight pedal-free running bike  ideal for fulfilling your child’s desire to be active and independent.

By using  B-BIP running bike the child will stimulate and develop his sense of balance, with dexterity and ease. The transition to a real bicycle will then be smooth and easy: thanks to a mastered balance, the training wheels will no longer be necessary.

B-BIP has received the German recognition "Spiel Gut". This reward is issued by the leading German association of consumer service, to evaluate the quality and safety of toys. The recommendation Spiel Gut means that these toys have been tested with children and examined by experts to obtain a positive result.

  • 100% made Italy.
  • Removable and washable soft padding on saddle and handlebar.
  • Wide range of saddle height settings.
  • Non-toxic certified plastic frame, lightweight, sturdy and easily washable.
  • Synthetic anti-puncture tires; full rim to avoid finger traps.
  • Stickers set included. The child will enjoy placing them on the toy, without any health risks: our stickers enjoy the non-toxicity certification.
  • Flush bolts to avoid scratches and injuries.
  • Steering lock to prevent sudden turns on rough soils.
  • Hand guards protection.
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