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Stan's NoTubes ZTR 29er Flow MK3 NEO 115X100 / 12X148 Wheelset

SKU: 10899
Stan\'s NoTubes ZTR 29er Flow MK3 NEO 115X100 / 12X148 Wheelset
Stan\'s NoTubes ZTR 29er Flow MK3 NEO 115X100 / 12X148 WheelsetStan\'s NoTubes ZTR 29er Flow MK3 NEO 115X100 / 12X148 Wheelset
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Product Description

Stan's NoTubes ZTR 29er Flow Ex Wheelset


When we set out to build the ultimate trail wheelset, we never imagined it would go on to win so many World Cups and World Championships. Pros choose the Flow EX because it's lighter and stronger, but also because no tubeless system in the world works as well as our patented Bead Socket Technology. The lower profile sidewall of a genuine BST rim lets your tire expand to its full volume for less rolling resistance, more traction, and more control. And nothing seals like a true BST tubeless rim. When tubeless performance matters, no rim offers the same quality of seal and overall tubeless performance.
Optimized for trail and enduro use, the 25.5mm internal width of the Flow EX helps the rim stay light enough for all dayepics, while an internal arch, reinforced sidewalls, and a thicker spoke bed offer excellent durability. 
The Flow EX wheelset now includes our much stronger, more durable, and faster engaging Neo hub system. The Neo's larger bearings and a stronger, stiffer, shoulderless axle offer unmatched strength and durability. Featuring 4 precision pawls simultaneously engaging a 36-tooth ratchet ring for super-fast 10-degree engagement, the Neo also offers a 100% CNC machined hub shell and tool-free disassembly. Neo hubs also offer SealLock end caps that lock into place and put an end to loose and missing end caps. And with a huge range of options, including Boost, there's a Neo hub to fit just about any bike.  
The Flow EX with Neo hubs is the ultimate trail, all-mountain, and enduro wheelset.


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