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SHIMANO - UNZEN Hydration Day Pack Charcoal-Green

SKU: 8473
SHIMANO - UNZEN Hydration Day Pack Charcoal-Green
SHIMANO - UNZEN Hydration Day Pack Charcoal-GreenSHIMANO - UNZEN Hydration Day Pack Charcoal-Green
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Product Description

SHIMANO - UNZEN Hydration Day Pack Charcoal-Green

Beneath its deceptively peaceful surface, Mt. Unzen in southern Japan hides the awesome explosive power of a volcano. It was the hidden primal force of this mountain that inspired Shimano to create the UNZEN hydration pack collection. With no excess straps or bulk to hold you back, UNZEN bags are specifically designed to power an aggressive off-road riding style. After installing your hydration system, just throw in your tools and favorite energy bar. Fasten the Rider Fit Cross Harness. And head for the hills. The body-hugging fit of Shimano's Accu-3D technology frees you to follow the path less cycled. So if you're ready to unleash your own hidden power, try UNZEN by Shimano.

Ever thought about how shoulder straps affect your ride? Shimano has. We wanted to improve on the conventional backpack design. You know, where the straps press down on your pecs, clip together across the chest, and restrict your ability to move and breathe during intense mountain rides. Our solution is the Rider Fit Cross Harness. The straps of this harness join between the pecs, so your muscles are free to work more efficiently on climbs and descents. And because there's no waist belt, you can also breathe more fully from the stomach. End result: more comfort and power to attack the trail.

Along with the center back, the underarms generate the most heat and perspiration during exercise. A standard backpack with shoulder straps right under the arms simply adds to the discomfort. To fix this, the straps on Shimano's Rider Fit Cross Harness are designed to go lower on the torso. That way, you get free airflow, less moisture, and more comfort. Thanks to its adjustable unisex design, the Cross Harness offers an ideal fit for men and women alike.

One of the keys to an enjoyable bike ride is proper back ventilation. On Accu-3D bags, Shimano has incorporated a breathable panel to dissipate unwanted heat along the center of the back. The anatomically fitting structure employs materials with different densities to create channels that promote a naturally cooling airflow

Adjustable Harness 
People come in all shapes and sizes. That's why Shimano made the Rider Fit Cross Harness fully customizable. Whether you're male or female, tall or short, you can fine-tune the harness for a perfect fit. The lightweight hook-and-loop structure is easy to adjust and doesn't add excess weight.

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