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פאוץ' יעודי לנשיאת חפצים - Nathan Shadow Pack

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פאוץ\' יעודי לנשיאת חפצים - Nathan Shadow Pack
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Nathan Shadow Pack


Runners, walkers and cyclists should always exercise safely, which means carrying an I.D. and a cell phone. To encourage more athletes to carry these and other important essentials, Nathan has developed the Shadow Pak, a waist pak that, just like its namesake, is always there but never felt. Its mesh, gusseted pocket expands to hold any sized cell phone, leaving plenty of room for lip balm, keys, money, and other essentials. And its incorporated I.D. card means, in case of an emergency, help will have instant access to your identification, contact info, and relevant medical history.


  • Reflective accents for visibility.

  • Power Stretch Mesh, gusseted pocket holds items securely.
  • Incorporated I.D. card / medical emergency card.
  • "I.D." detail directs emergency personnel to critical info.
  • Limited-stretch belt with Featherweight Buckle.
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