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Night Trips In Israel

SKU: 1415
Night Trips In Israel
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Product Description

Night Trips In Israel

What kind of surprises are waiting for you alongside the picturesque creeks at Rosh Hanikra?
What kind of secrets are hiding through Tel Aviv streets?
Where can you find the best seclusion points in the desert?
Who visits saintly graves in the Galilee?
What forests are suitable for mystic night journeys?
Are there really ghosts in Jerusalem?
Why should you join a Shamanic ritual in a full moon night?

The kingdom of the night offers numerous trips, journeys and wandering. You are invited to devote yourself to exciting meetings with people, stories, places and animals.
Highly recommended for improvement the mood, the couple-hood and filling your mental batteries.
Now is the time to grab a coffee kit and go out to the dark. The nightly surprises are included…

Eyal Shapira is a night enthusiast, chronic wanderer, a journalist and a member of the Israeli edition of National Geographic editorial staff.
Itzik Marom is one of the leading nature photographer in Israel. His works are publishing in magazines all around the world.
visit them.

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