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KMC E11 11-speed 136l Cycling Chain

SKU: 13759
KMC E11 11-speed 136l Cycling Chain
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Product Description

KMC chain 11-speed e11 EPT 122 links for e-bike | silver

The KMC e11 EPT 11-speed chain was specially developed for e-bike / pedelec drives; the reinforced bolts enable the chain to withstand the significantly higher tensile forces of a mid-engine. However, the usual high level of shift comfort and the low-noise drive have been retained. In addition, the chain has the ECO ProTeQ coating, an environmentally friendly, very smooth and long-lasting anti-rust coating. The X-Bridge known from KMC, which ensures excellent switching behavior, is also available in the e-bike version of the KMC chain, as is the MissingLink locking technology. The MissingLink connection technology enables tool-free assembly.

Technical specifications:

intended use : e-bike
Material: steel
Dimensions: 1/2 "x11 / 128"
Compatibility: E-bike with mid-engine
Number of links: 122
Surface finishing: EPT anti rust coating
Special feature: X-bridge - highest switching performance, reinforced bolts, not directional
Tabs: extreme tensile strength
Rivets: reinforced bolts

Weight weighed: 278g (122 links including MissingLink)

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