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Topeak All Speeds Chain Tool

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Topeak All Speeds Chain Tool
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Product Description

High quality chain tool with replaceable plunger pin for single and multi-speed chains up to 12 speed, including Campagnolo® 11 speed hollow pin chains. Included chain hook holds links during assembly. Storage space for the included chain hook and one spare plunger pin.


CHAIN TOOL Hardened steel
HANDLE Aluminum
SIZE 8.6 x 2.8 x 12.8 cm / 3.4” x 1.1” x 5”
WEIGHT 270 g / 9.52 oz
SPEED Single & multi-speed chain up to 12 speed
ADDED FEATURES Rivet anvil for Campagnolo® hollow pin
Secondary chain link fence
Chain pin breaker
Replaceable plunger pin

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