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Elad Faltin's New Book

SKU: 0219
Elad Faltin\'s New Book
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Product Description


In a small village a soccer match is being played between two groups of children as part of 'Cope'-Hoaraz – children league. The football filed look like mountains and hills, covered with yellow-summer grass, but despite the hurt poverty around the village, both of the groups were wearing ordinary soccer boots and united uniform. One kid came near, afterward another one, two, three, four, 2 minutes passed and the soccer-filed left empty from viewers. Sixty to eighty children were gathering around the bicycle. Curious kid looked for the place the motor is hidden. Suddenly I felt like the Pied Piper from Hamelin, as the bicycle replacing the flute when the music came out of the pedals.

Nadav, a disorganize student from Jerusalem, quits the Mathematics study in the University and going out for a journey in Central & South America. In the flight to New-York he gets into troubles which  are not living him the all journey. He continued to Guatemala where most of the time he is trying to navigate his way between his couriasty of getting to know the stranger and the different, and the dungarees adventures which waits for him on every corner.

The people he meet on the way creates the journey itself. The events which ocoured reviling step by step the 'Inside's journey' Nadav is going throw, which can describe as trying to 'get away' 'to get closer'. The adventures  become actually a series of personal tests, so the hurt ride on the bicycle, the physical difficulty, the cold and the loneliness – gathering all together with the mental situations and bring it like this that the end of the way And end of the story become one.

Elad Faltin, He is a bicycle rider, writing and reading stories. He isn't an adventurer and doesn't  like  danger, he just likes to travel.

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