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Surly 1X1 Frame, חדשה דגם קודם

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Surly 1X1 Frame
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Product Description

Surly 1X1 Frame

The world has changed a lot since we first introduced the 1x1. For one thing, single-speeding went from new kid on the block to quarterback of the varsity squad. Coincidence? We don’t think so. And yet the 1x1 itself has changed very little. Sure, we added I.S. disc tabs because disc brakes work good, and we gave it heat-treated chain stays and butted the fork blades to make it even stronger, but overall the 1x1 is the same kick-ass dedicated single-speed frame it’s always been. That’s because it does what it does very well.

The frame and fork are Surly 4130 CroMoly. It’s suspension corrected to accept a (now) short-travel suspension fork (80mm). The fork and stays are wide and curvy and offer lots of space for fat shoes—26 x 2.7" knobbies will fit with room to spare. By the way, even after all these years, this is still more clearance than almost any other bike of its type. Fat tires offer the best traction and comfort, plus wide stays give you the option of running fat or skinny tires, and we like versatility. The geometry is comprised of tried-and-true, rides-like-a-bike numbers, but spec charts can’t do justice to the ride, which is, in a word, sublime. Or if you want a few more words, our pal Muga from Kyoto wrote not too long ago and said, “I hope I am not self-indulgent. If so, that is caused by my love of Surly. And you are the one to blame because you have created 1x1 that makes me crazy.” We feel the same way.

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