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    Shipping And Order Tracking

    Shipping And Trackingמשלוח והחזרים

    Shop @ Harim offers two different shipping methods:

    Air Mail – regular air mail without an option of tracking the order via code/web sites.
    Packages shipped by this method are limited to below 2 Kg per package. The time of delivery is between 7 days to 4 weeks depending on the destination of the package.

    EMS – EMS is an express door to door service that provides a safe and quick delivery. Orders can be tracked by a trcking number provided by us after the order has been billed and packaged.
    Orders shipped by this method are limited to 20 Kg per package.
    The delivery
    time is between 48 – 72 Hours based on the destination of the package, EMS does not ship to every destination.

    Shipping times do not include your local customs/release process which will usually take some days.

    The Shipping Process

    The Shop Harim team is making its best to process your order as soon as possible.
    In every product page there is a note of the estimated time to prepare the product for shipping.
    For example: “Usually ready to ship within 4 hours to 3 business days“*. 
    The time stated in the product page is usually longer than it takes to prepare your order.

    Once an order request has been received by us, you will receive periodic automated e-mails regarding the processing status of your order.

    You can obtain your order status directly inside your account under "History".

    Your order goes through several steps before reaching your door. Here are those steps:

    Step 1 (1-3 days): Products are collected from our suppliers.
    Step 2 (<1 day): Order is packaged.
    Step 3 (24-48 hours /7-21 days): Order is on route via EMS or Israel Post air mail.

    After your order has been billed and shipped it is possible to enter to your account and check the tracking number (when available) for your order.

    Order Number: 24464 Order Status: PayPal 
    Order Date: Wednesday 30 September, 2009
    Shipped To: walla walla
    Products: 1
    Order Cost:
    View Order

    Shipping Method: EMS / Reg' Air Mail  Track Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    WebSite: https://www.israelpost.co.il/itemtrace.nsf/mainsearch?OpenForm&L=EN


    *business days in Israel are Sunday to Thursday, not including holidays etc.

    Shipping Fees

    Shipping fee may vary according to the ordered products. The factors that come into considiration when the system calculates the shipping fee is the total sum and weight of the order.


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